Galliata Art Gallery 2005 Alassio, Italy

Bruno Chersicla


The Dialogue Between Contemporary Masters


Maestro Bruno Chersicla had the brilliant idea of uniting, in an unique collection, the works of the most important contemporary artists,
improvising himself as a Collector.

 In this way, he has managed to render that brotherhood of purpose and ideals that once existed between artists, moving them away from their ivory towers consequent of too much individualism that now exists in contemporary art.

 That initiative has been very much welcomed, and with enthusiastism, by all major artists who were happy to donate one of their works to this participation of Friendship that made them feel sons and brothers
of the same Muse.

 The Great success of this exhibition at the Art Gallery Galliata, directed by the intelligent Gian Pietro Menzani, is a proof of the excellent and ingenious idea of Maestro Chersicla.

 In return for the gift of these works, Maestro Chersicla has performed and given to each artist a portrait; calling these portraits: "The Portraits of the Mind."  In a way that the portrait of each artist had his artistic
and not an anatomic appearance.

 In this initiative, participated also the characters who, apart from being the painters, are much more well-known to the general public for other Arts;


Such as, the great actor and writer Dario Fo (Nobel Prize for Literature in 1997); the famous musician Ennio Morricone,
the famous art critic Gillo Dorfles,


the famous cartoonists Altan and Giorgio Forattini
and the famous fashion designer Ottavio Missoni.



Valerio Adami for Chersicla

Chersicla for Valerio Adami

Walter Noetico for Chersicla

Chersicla for Walter Noetico

Dario Fo (Nobel Prize in Literature 1997) for Chersicla

Chersicla for Dario Fo(Nobel Prize in Literature 1997)

Ennio Morlotti for Chersicla

Chersicla for Ennio morlotti

Aligi Sassu for Chersicla

Chersicla for Aligi Sassu

Ennio Morricone(Renowned Musician),for Chersicla

Chersicla for Ennio Morricone(Renowned Musician)

Lucio Del Pezzo for Chersicla

Chersicla for Lucio Del Pezzo

Gillo Drfles (Renowned international art critic) for Chersicla

Chersicla for Gillo Dorfles (Renowned international art critic)