on the occasion of Venice Biennial, May-June 1988, an exhibition entitled "From the first Alphabet of the Phoenicians at Palazzo Grassi - To the Last Alphabet of W. Noetico at Graziussi Gallery” was held at the Graziussi Gallery, San Marco, Venice, Italy, where it has been noted that Noetico with his Neoilluminist Alphabet has graciously remade the Alphabet of the Phoenicians to coincide with a major exhibition at Palazzo Grassi. At that time, the Gallery of Giuliano Graziussi was visited by movie characters like the mime Marcel Marceau, the film director Federico Fellini, and actors like Giulietta Masina, Walter Matthau and many others.

The Graziussi Art Gallery and Expositive Museum (of Giuliano Graziussi), San Marco, Venice, Italy

Graziussi Museum Exposition Hall, San Marco, Venice, Italy - on the right there is a Neoilluminist Gold Letter "W" of Walter Noetico, in permanent situ